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If you sell, prospecting is one of the most important things you do — and it’s probably one of the most frustrating and painful things you do, too. But it doesn’t have to be! Using new social media, content, and email marketing tools, you can build a supercharged, highly-automated digital sales prospecting system that creates influence, attracts more qualified leads, shortens your sales cycle, and increases your conversion rates — painlessly!

In The Invisible Sale, Tom Martin shows you how. This guide reveals techniques Martin has refined over 20 years… techniques he’s used to drive consistent double-digit growth in his own company, without doing any cold-calling or paid advertising. Martin boils complex ideas and approaches down to simple, straightforward, and understandable language — and actionable solutions!


What you will learn in The Invisible Sale

Reaching “self-educated buyers” who are more than halfway through the buying decision process before they even contact you
Leveraging the power of “propinquity” in your sales funnel system
Strategically Planning Your Propinquity Platform
Making every call count: creating behaviorally targeted digital prospecting campaigns that integrate email and web content to segment sales leads into hot/warm/cold
Social Selling: tips, tricks and strategies for prospecting directly via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Rightsizing content: saving money by matching production quality to your specific marketing and sales needs
Choosing devices, apps, software, and accessories for quickly creating high-quality DIY content
Real-life B2B and B2C case studies showing how others have applied Martin’s techniques


Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker

The thing I like about Tom is that he likes to break stuff. What I mean is that Tom has the ability to dissect what other marketers are doing, and improve upon the process.

Mack Collier

Mack Collier


Tom Martin is one of the few people who can deliver both information and entertainment to a crowd of any size wishing to learn and be engaged around digital, social and mobile technology. He has expert-level insights and experience, has a practical business approach to using the technologies at hand and delivers knowledge in a way that holds the audience’s attention and gets their brains working. He’s a great speaker.

Jason Falls

Jason Falls


Not only is Tom an unusually creative business thinker who never fails to be ahead of the curve, he also has an honest charm in his speaking style that puts people very much at ease to soak in what he’s saying. It’s an inspiring combination, and I’d definitely hire him as a keynote speaker.

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Learn how to Win The Invisible Sale from the man who invented the process. Tom will take your audience through the steps to create their Painless Prospecting Platform. From helping them understand how to sell through the idea to colleagues and bosses through defining their Propinquity Points and building their digital footprint, every minute of Tom’s information packed presentation is full of utilitarian advice that your audience will hear today and apply tomorrow.

And for a LIMITED NUMBER of engagements, if your organization purchases 200 books, Tom will speak for FREE.

Known for his energetic, passionate and engaging presentations, Tom tailors the show to the audience he’s addressing. It’s never just the same canned deck.


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