How To Use IFTTT To Automatically Prospect for Influencers

using ifttt to create twitter lists

A month ago I used a simple IFFTT Recipe to automagically create a Twitter list of Travel Bloggers. I just hit “go” and let the wonderful world of the Internet and APIs do a lot of work for me.  Now I have a list of about 75 prospective Travel Influencers to vet and consider for an upcoming Influencer Marketing effort. Want to know how I did it? Then read on.

Mining Industry Event Hashtags for Prospects

The secret here is Twitter’s Hashtags. Rarely does a major event or conference occur these days without establishing an event hashtag. And it’s this event hashtag that makes list building so easy. For this little effort, I used the #TBEXAsia hashtag. Having spoken at TBEX in Athens a few years ago, I knew the event would be chocked full of great Travel Bloggers who would be creating and sharing content throughout the event. And of course, they’d be tagging all that Twitter content with the #TBEXAsia hashtag.

So I created my recipe and in the settings area, instructed the applet to look for any Tweets containing the #TBEXAsia hashtag. If the recipe found one, it then automatically added that person’s Twitter profile to a private Travel Blogger list I created on Twitter.

Then I went back to work and painlessly prospected for Travel Bloggers via this new recipe.

Vetting Influencer Prospects For New Campaigns

Now I have a list of 82 folks that used the #TBEXAsia hashtag. Are all of them Travel Bloggers? No. But a quick review of the list helps me figure out who is and isn’t. Those that are not Travel Bloggers are removed from the Twitter list. Everyone is then subjected to a little Social Recon to create detailed profiles of them as people and their content as appropriate for this new campaign.

But wait, how do I keep track of all the data returned by the Social Recon effort? And how do I begin to create a targeted list of Travel Bloggers for this influencer marketing campaign outreach effort?

Again, I use a nifty little trick and a very low cost piece of SAS software called Nimble.

Importing Twitter Lists into Nimble

If you’ve been around these parts for any time, you know I’m a big fan of Nimble and use it as my primary CRM tool for client and Converse Digital prospecting.

Nimble Twitter List Import FeatureNow, since I usually create my sales and influencer prospecting lists as private lists, I have to do one small work-around to get the list to import to Nimble. I have to edit my list and temporarily change it from a private list to a public list. As soon as I do that, presto, Nimble allows me a one-click import option. Once the import is done, I change the list back to private.

Once I click that button, I get a message that Nimble has started its magic and will alert me by email when my import is complete. This usually takes a few minutes to finish.

Once it’s done, I simply open my Nimble in my web browser and select the Tag I created when I exported the list from Twitter to Nimble. Presto – automatically I have a list inside my CRM of Travel Blogger Influencers that I can begin to track, segment and ultimately reach out to over social platforms, etc., in an effort to help my client create that all important Influencer Marketing strategy.

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