B2B Sales Prospecting Database Segmentation With Email

Painless Sales Prospecting with email - the magic phoneSomewhere in heaven there is a magical phone. Each time a salesperson picks it up to dial a prospect, the person on the other end answers and is actually highly qualified. In fact, she wants to talk about buying what the sales person is selling.

What if that phone existed? What if instead of working your lead list database, dialing for dollars and spending most, if not all of your first sales contact qualifying a prospect, you could come to work and have the hottest prospects identified?

What if you already knew if the prospect was a hot prospect, warm prospect or cold prospect? What if you already knew what their interests were, with regard to your product or service? And what if someone could tell you their hot buttons?

Would that make your sales prospecting efforts more efficient and effective? Would that result in shorter sales cycles and increased closing rates?

Sales Lead Database Segmentation

Actually, that mythical phone — it does exist — but it requires a little digital marketing strategy to get there.

If you have email addresses associated with your leads and you have permission to email those leads, you have the makings of a digitally powered B2B Sales Prospecting system that will reduce your sales cycle and improve your sales conversion percentages.

With those emails and and a well planned Behavioral Email campaign, you can let your prospects’ own behaviors help you segment them into hot, warm and cold prospects. And in doing so, you’ll let them help you find the needles in the haystack of your database. By strategically planning the content of your email campaign and the sequence by which individual emails are sent, you can create a behavioral data trail that once analyzed, will provide your sales team with a highly segmented database that will dramatically improve the ROI of your sales prospecting efforts.

Learn How To Build A Behavioral Email Program

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The Invisible Sale

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    [...] click and open behaviors help you develop a better profile of each contact? The kind of in-depth behaviorally driven email profiles that lead to shorter sales cycles and higher conversion [...]

  2. [...] click and open behaviors help you develop a better profile of each contact for the kind of in-depth behaviorally driven email profiles that leads to shorter sales cycles and higher conversion [...]

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